Barbara Fox

Female Voice Imaging

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Fox Productions was started in 1991 when Barbara Fox expanded her disc jockey work on Albuquerque’s KRST to include freelance commercial voiceovers. At the time, production was done with quarter inch audio tape, a splicing block and a razor blade. Today, the same work is done on computers, where the editing can be reversed without searching the floor for small bits of discarded tape.

Ms. Fox has served clients all over the US and Canada. She has voiced interactive CD ROMS for Los Alamos National Laboratories and I Learn Fast and added sound to Internet Websites like New Mexico E-Shops. She is the first and only female Grounds Announcer for the New Mexico State Fair, and the voice of KNME, the local PBS station in Albuquerque.

One of her greatest honors was narrating the movie introducing the Josefina doll in the American Girls Doll Collection for Pleasant Company. She has also recorded all six of the Josefina audiobooks, which can be found in schools and libraries across the country. She has voiced thousands of comercial spots (roughly 4% of them in Spanish) and has sold everything from Jaguars to Dalmatian puppies to Hush Puppies shoes,and she can be found on the video game Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas, as the voice of WCTR Talk Radio.

Her recent talent work for Bill Richardson was part of a successful campaign to secure his election to the New Mexico governorship.

Barbara is currently working in radio and television in Albuquerque, New Mexico and can be heard in spots across the country.



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